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Why use Us?

Over a period of 20+ years we have developed many measurement and control products, including the following:

  • Changeover Controller for continuous supply of liquid or gaseous chemicals (1000+ units running on site).
  • Changeover Controller for complete standby dosing system.
  • Disinfection Controller for potable water, dosing liquid or gaseous chemicals and controlling duty/standby dosing machines (1000+ units running on site – industry standard product for disinfection control.
  • Controllers for single dosing machines (liquid or gas).
  • Controllers for wastewater chemical dosing.
  • Swimming pool controllers (1000’s of units running on site).
  • Analysers for the following parameters:
    • Chlorine (3 electrode or membrane sensors)
    • PH
    • Redox
    • Turbidity
    • Pressure
    • Conductivity
    • Gas sensors